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Please suggest best practices for decomposing a user story in TDD way.

Best practices and tips for decomposing a given user story in short time by following TDD approch.

If you could explain with examples it would be very helpful.

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TDD is often related to unit testing - and user stories are usually not a template for compilation units (like classes).

To verify user stories you'd do some functional testing. But then it makes no sense to define and run functional test before you have some application code at hand.

I do not believe that decomposing user stories in a TDD way makes a lot of sense. Read the sories, then develop a design, which will include classes. Then you can start writing the classes following TDD principles: write tests for the methods first, then code until all lights go green. (then stop coding ;) )

For your stories - it's always good to have testing in mind. Check, if all stories are testable and write fitting criteria for all stories. A fitting criteria would describe, how the software should react to fulfill the requirement/the story.

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