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I am writing a script to automate the packaging of a 'home-made' python module and distributing it on a remote machine.

i am using Pip and have created a setup.py file but i then have to call the subprocess module to call the "python setup.py sdist" command.

i have looked at the "run_setup" method in distutils.core but i am trying to avoid using the subprocess module alltogether. (i see no point in opening a shell to run a python command if i am already in python...)

is there a way to import the distutils module into my script and pass the setup information directly to one of its methods and avoid using the shell command entirely? or any other suggestions that may help me


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If you don’t have a real reason to avoid subprocesses (i.e. lack of platform support, not just aesthetics (“I see no point”)), then I suggest you should just not care and run in a subprocess. There are a few ways to achieve what you request, but they have their downsides (like having to catch exceptions and reporting errors).

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In any case, i would like it very much if you could outline what those ways are and allow me to make an informed decision by weighing up the pros and cons. –  Ben Mar 29 '12 at 9:54
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