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I have created one Catalyst application and I have created Schema and Model using below command

perl script/myapp_create.pl model TestDatabase DBIC::Schema MyApp::Schema::TestDatabase create=static dbi:mysql:db

After this command, Result directory contains the Abc.pm for table named abc.

Now I added one more table named xyz in my database db.
The issue, I am facing is ,how can I update Result folder so that now it contains Xyz.pm for xyz table also.

I want to use create=static only.

After executing above command again,the Result folder changes.
But Isn't there any other better way?

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No, since static is the way to do it, you'll have to rerun this statement after each change in the database schema.

Thats why I usually put this command in a small shell script.

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@dgw- Thanks.... –  drt Mar 28 '12 at 12:08

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