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Does anyone know why

"why?? <abc> and <a b c> and <a b>".replace( /<([^>]+)>/g, "\$$1" ); 


"why?? $1 and $1 and $1"

insted of

"why?? $abc and $a b c and $a b"

without the escaped $, the result is as expected

"why?? <abc> and <a b c> and <a b>".replace( /<([^>]+)>/g, "$1" )
//"why?? abc and a b c and a b"

I tried all sort of hacks, including for example

"why?? <abc> and <a b c> and <a b>".replace( /<([^>]+)>/g, String.fromCharCode( 36 ) + "$1" );

In the end I managed to get the output I wanted using a function as a replace string (see below) but I would like to know what I was doing wrong. Thanks in advance.

"why?? <abc> and <a b c> and <a b>".replace( /<([^>]+)>/g, function(m,m1,m2,p){return '$' + m1; } )
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In JavaScript, backslashes are simply dropped from unrecognized escapes sequences. \$ is not a recognized escape sequence in a string literal, so this:


means the same as this:


and in a replace replacement-string, $$ means "a literal dollar sign".

What you want is this:


where the $$ becomes $ and the $1 becomes e.g. abc.

(In other words: the way that you "escape" a dollar sign in a replace replacement string is by doubling it, not by prefixing it with a backslash.)

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That's grat, thanks. It still doesn't explain why "why?? <abc> and <a b c> and <a b>".replace( /<([^>]+)>/g, String.fromCharCode( 36 ) + "$1" ) wouldn't work, but it's enough for me, thanks! :-) –  gotofritz Mar 28 '12 at 13:09
@fritzfromlondon: String.fromCharCode( 36 ) is "$", so String.fromCharCode( 36 ) + "$1" is "$$1", which in a replace replacement-string means "a literal dollar sign followed by the digit one". –  ruakh Mar 28 '12 at 13:23

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