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I have made APNS for my apps. I am making the tests on a real server and on a local WAMP server set on PC. Something have been done wrong because i get ERROR : Unable to connect to 'ssl://gateway.sandbox.push.apple.com:2195'.

As I understand the possible reasons for this problem are two: 1. The server have closed the 2195 i 2196 ports. 2. The .pem certificate is not correct

I have eliminated the first option after i changed 3 different servers for all of them the ISPs guaranteed the ports are open but the problem remains. The servers had PHP with open SSL and these modules installed: PCNTL, System V shared memory, semaphore support

For generating .pem certificate i have used these several tutorials: http://code.google.com/p/apns-php/wiki/CertificateCreation


And few more...

After trying around 20 times to create the pem file for 3 different apps i still got the same error. here is the look of my last pem file:

Bag Attributes friendlyName: Apple Development IOS Push Services: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mine info) localKeyID : 42 0F 51 6D 38 4B 8F 6F 87 CE 70 EC 98 5D 54 C7 1B FC E9 5C subject=/UID=com.nova.pushTestApp/CN=Apple Development IOS Push Services: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mine info) issuer=/C=US/O=Apple Inc./OU=Apple Worldwide Developer Relations/CN=Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIFdzCCBF+gAwIBAgIIegORn4VvbB4wDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEFBQAwgZYxCzAJBgNV BAYTAlVTMRMwEQYDVQQKDApBcHBsZSBJbmMuMSwwKgYDVQQLDCNBcHBsZSBXb3Js...

...bZkkiml3VqhHHn+ys+vH5jPBAeHb5IcYlJV9+I0zCzDBPWfCVvXpIHW2TVFhnZKS hIGUm3joF24E//w= -----END CERTIFICATE----- -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- MIIEowIBAAKCAQEA04isqZjMjTG/uDJLrL5/jSdXkpOeTbVScHGnlMIjVXRWrqXg...

...YTIlH271ZkpXS5dar+6MnMsw+kgqP3xXGGV6ZyAAjRtuDjxxdAi4 -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----

Is there another possible answer to the problem or there is a trick in creating the .pem file? I will be very grateful if somebody, who already have encountered this problem shared his experience of dissolving it.

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