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What are some strategies that can be used in code so that it makes it easy to merge changes in git when multiple people are working on the code?

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None of strategies can make merge easier, and in common they doesn't exist. Manual merge is a job for human

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200% agree with you –  Kiru Mar 28 '12 at 12:22

Assign different parts of 'the code' to different people. Doing so ensures that two people won't be editing the same part (file) and thus avoids all git merge conflicts.

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I agree with Lazy Badger. But if you want to make manual merge easier whenever git shows up a conflict, the best thing would be to create relevant topic branches for the developers. Whenever merge conflict happens - the topic branch names should give context to which version should be chosen.

Of course - well commented code for each change will do the same and will probably be better for readability later on.

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