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I am new to WCF, and now designing a service with Pub/Sub using callback. I have this stupid question: how can I make use of the callback? Let's say I have the callback interface called ICallback, with one function called ProcessResult(). And I have an implementation class called MyCallback. Then in my client side, I can initialize it like this:

Dim cb As ICallback = New MyCallback()
Dim MyClient = New MyServiceClient(New InstanceContext(cb))

The class MyServiceClient is generated using svcutil.exe. Now whenever the WCF server gets information the client is interested in, it will call the callback function ProcessResult(). All the online examples I found online, for simplicity, just output a line inside the callback function. But in real life I need to pass this information out of the MyCallback class. This is where I lost: since on my client side, my objects are only using the funcitons of the object MyClient, not the cb, how can I implement the ProcessResult() function, so that the client objects can be aware of the fact that this function is called? I can for example raise an event, which is declared in the MyCallback class, inside this function, but since the client side objects don't have a reference to the cb, how can I make any event handler to handle it?

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svcutil has an option /async which allow you to generate also async method calls. Isn't it help you?

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