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I am looking for a simple .NET library that implements a concept of async message passing similar to Erlang OTP platform. So far, I have only found RetLang to be somewhat similar, but

  1. It seems to be abandoned, and
  2. It only supports message passing within one process.
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You can try with MSMQ .you can use for single or a group of messages you want to put in the queue and read from it later asynchronously. :)

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In my opinion the easiest way to do this in .net (aside from F# ;) ) is the TPL dataflow - lib

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You can use WCF to send and receive asynchronous messages. you can read more at msdn

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Please have a look at spring messaging, this might be useful for you.

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Use MSMQ which is quite simple to implement. It is exactly what you need - asynchronous messaging system. WCF is also good but is more complex to manage (config files) and adds a bit of overhead. MSMQ is a standard (and free) Windows component but to use it you need to enable it. MSMQ can be used for local communication (same process or any 2 processes within the same Windows domain)

Read this answer for more details and code examples.

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