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I want to hide the avatars in message board thread but I am not getting any such option in the interface of configuration. Can anyone suggest me how can I proceed further?

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As per my understanding I got an idea how to edit User profile Picture in Message Board. Inside message_board portlet file "view_thread_message.jspf" is having following code: <liferay-ui:user-display userId="<%= message.getUserId() %>" userName="<%= message.getUserName() %>" displayStyle="<%= 2 %>" > But not sure which part I have to remove for user profile picture removal. Any guidance will be great for me. Thanks –  Sunil Rai Apr 2 '12 at 12:17

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You can easily remove the user profile picture from the message board, but if you remove this, then that will be deleted from entire liferay portal.

Please have a look at


Here find the class="avatar", this line is actually display image of the user profile picture.

So, here we have 2 approaches.

1) Remove the <img> tag from the an above jsp.

2) If you want to remove from message board only, then write simple jquery which will hide the <img> tag with class="avatar".

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Thanks Felix. This is exactly I am looking for :) –  Sunil Rai Jun 14 '12 at 10:06

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