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I have a website that generates forms via XML using data pulled from a database.

In the XML document I have templates. The problem is that if I try to create a new xml template to map new fields, the new fields are not mapped for some reason, although the new template is written in the same fashion as the template already in place.

This is the template that is already in place:

<template id="FullName" format="{0} {1}^{2}" separator=" ">
        <item id="0" value="#txtforename"/>
        <item id="1" value="#txtothername"/>
        <item id="2" value="#txtsurname"/>


This is the template that I created:

<template id="Forename" format="{0}" separator=" ">
        <item id="0" value="#txtforename"/> 

Does anyone have an idea why the template I created does not work?

Thank you.

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There's not enough detail I'm afraid; your code is likely to be bespoke and without know what the other dependencies are you aren't going to get an answer. Are you able to set a breakpoint in the code where the template is loaded and applied? If you are, then that's the place to start. –  dash Mar 28 '12 at 12:44
usally id="" attribute plays a major role in xml based templates.. have you tried setting template id ="FullName" as it was in original template? –  Shoaib Shaikh Mar 28 '12 at 12:52

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