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I'm working with sortable menu in Mootols, and trying to implement 'revert' option. I've come up with quite a simple solution:

  1. Create root element clone at the beggining.
  2. Edit menu.
  3. When undo is clicked: a) root element is cleared with empty(). b) I'm creating another clone of my menuCopy Element children. c) root element is adopting clone of menuCopy children.

Somehow it works only once - after that my menu copy becomes empty root element. So far I'm failing with tracing the issue. Would appreciate help. Here are important parts of code:

this.menuCopy = $(,true);

This part is called after:

a) initialisation b) saving menu (so the reverting goes back to the save point)

    var listContentsCopy=self.menuCopy.getChildren().clone(true,true);
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Found mistake: var listContentsCopy=self.menuCopy.getChildren().clone(true,true); should be: var listContentsCopy=self.menuCopy.clone(true,true).getChildren(); I knew it's something dumb! :) –  Maciej Jaśniaczyk Mar 28 '12 at 13:40

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Looking at you code something like this may be a bit easier:

this.menuCopy = $(,true);



Just a thought, seems a bit more light weight and easier to read.

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