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I'm new to WPF and I'm migrating an application built using Windows Forms to WPF.

My WPF application contains a Ribbon toolbar (from Microsoft office). I have some RibbonMenuButton and RibbonSplitButton controls on that toolbar.

My main problem is that when I click on the RibbonMenuButton I want a user control to appear. For example: consider a phone application that contains a Dial button; When the user clicks that button a Popup should appear for the user to select the phone number and if it's an audio or video call.

what I would like

What I'm doing so far was creating a Custom Control that extends RibbonMenuItem but then I have problems with the focus of that popup control: I'm unable to press the Enter to click on the default button.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot

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You can use RibbonGallery instead of RibbonMenuItem and set content for it. For example : <RibbonGallery> <Grid> ... </Grid> </RibbonGallery>

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