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A lot of the time I find classes end up with a few small 'helper' methods, which are usually commonly used in the class but whose implementation is unlikely to change often.

I tend to put these in a region near the bottom of the class, helpfully entitled helper methods. When I want a new one I just type out the method name where I need to use it and let Resharper's Create method function extract the definition.

By default, this is added below the current method, wherever that is, with throw new NotImplementedException(); as the body. Is there any way of telling Resharper to put this new method directly into my helper region? I've had a look around and have not found anything.

I'd expect a Create method in region... which could provide a pick list of the regions in the class* would help to organise things a little faster. That's what the regions are for, after all.

* Yes, I realise you can define regions anywhere you like, so many would not be valid places for methods to go. That's an implementation detail, I would say.

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I guess you already do it by this way: Move generated method into region via Drag&Drop in File Structure window. –  brgerner Mar 29 '12 at 11:57

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First of all, +1 to brgerner. This is the most obvious way to do this, and arguably the only way (except for writing your own ReSharper plug-in) if these helper methods don't follow a certain naming convention.

However, if they follow a naming convention, you can modify the default type member layout, which will allow you to rearrange these methods in a region with every code cleanup run.

Say, if your helper method names always have the Helper prefix, you can put the following entry as the last entry within the Pattern tag:

        <!--Helper methods-->
                    <Kind Is="method"/>
                    <Name Is="Helper.*" IgnoreCase="true" />
                <Name Region="Helper methods"/>

Now, you can rearrange your helper methods every time you're running Full Cleanup, or you can even create a separate code cleanup profile that would only apply your custom type members layout rule, and wouldn't touch anything else.

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