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I have to integrate some c code with my Android app. I did some R&D and came to know that I can do this through NDK (Native Development Kit).

I downloaded NDK and read some article and watched videos to Configure NDK but Android node in Preferences does not show Native Development node to set NDK reference.

Am I missing some step or any other problem... please help

see my preference Window.

enter image description here

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This might help – Shravan Dec 14 '14 at 11:31
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I followed this guide but when I installed the Sequoya packages it didn't work --no new options appeared on the Preferences or contextual menu.

I work over Ubuntu 10.10 so I tried adding these lines to .bashrc

# Android definitions
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/android-ndk-r7c
export ANDROID_NDK_ROOT=$HOME/android-ndk-r7c
export NDK=$HOME/android-ndk-r7c

I re-started Eclipse and reinstalled the Sequoyah packages on Eclipse once again --which I never uninstalled, so that was a little bit weird. But it worked.

Perhaps if you have Windows you can try adding those as Enviroment Variables.

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While installing the ADT plugin as:

  1. Help-> install new software.
  2. Click Add
  3. Name - ADT

    Repo - or find the link in here

  4. This is important. Select both Developers tools and NDK plugins and continue installation.

There you go. You can find the Option in Windows->Preferences->Android->NDK. Set the path accordingly

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This is the only answer I've found that works every time this problem crops up on our developer computers. This was how you used to have to install the NDK back before it was nicely bundled. Here's hoping they keep the link active. – dhakim Aug 22 '14 at 16:14

For me the NDK path was missing because I had not installed the Java Development Kit. Installing that and restarting eclipse caused the NDK link to appear in the menu

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I has same problem on Win7, Eclise Juno.

  1. move/copy NDK, CDT features and plugin from /eclipse/ dir to some backup dir. files and dir mask: org.eclipse.cdt*;*; this will save time in reinstalation of NDK

  2. in Eclipse uninstall Android Native Developer Tools via Eclipse/Help/Install new Software/ already installed /... close eclipse

  3. update environment variables:
    update PATH=$PATH:$HOME/android-ndk-r8c
    new ANDROID_NDK_ROOT=$HOME/android-ndk-r8c
    new NDK=$HOME/android-ndk-r8c
    same as mentioned by Marina

  4. copy files and dirs from backup back to /eclipse/features & plugins

  5. start eclipse and instal NDK again

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