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char c = '\u0000';

When I print c, it shows 'a' in the command line window.

So what's the default value of a char type field?

Someone said '\u0000' means null in unicode; is that right?

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The default value of a char attribute is indeed '\u0000' (the null character) as stated in the Java Language Specification, section §4.12.5 Initial Values of Variables .

In my system, the line System.out.println('\u0000'); prints a little square, meaning that it's not a printable character - as expected.

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'\u0000' is the default value for a character. It's decimal equivalent is 0.

When you are declaring some char variable without initializing it, '\u0000' will be assigned to it by default.

see this code

public class Test {
    char c;

    public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception {
        Test t = new Test();
        char c1 = '\u0000';
        System.out.println(t.c == c1);

This code will print true for the last print.

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'\u0000' stands for null . So if you print an uninitialized char variable , you'll get nothing.

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It's '\u0000'. See here for more information.

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The default char is the character with an int value of 0 (zero).

char NULLCHAR = (char) 0;

char NULLCHAR = '\0';

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