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I'm trying to set up Juno 4.2 M6, Eclipse Tester version from Developer Builds at http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/index-developer.php. I need to add the Redmine Mylyn (https://sourceforge.net/projects/redmin-mylyncon/) but it needs org.eclipse.equinox.log 1.2.0.

I thought I had found it by searching Juno install site and getting it from EclipseRT Target Platform Components > Object Teams Equinox Integration. But, nope, that's not the right place.

Where can I find org.eclipse.equinox.log 1.2.0?

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It's in the update site for Eclipse 3.4. Are you sure that this is the version you need?

.eclipse.equinox.log is in the eclipse update sites (which contains the equinox SDK as well as the eclipse SDK).

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Are you sure? I can't seem to find that in Galileo even when I try to search for "equinox.log". And anyway, it's not Galileo or Ganymede I'm using, but Juno. Juno is the next version after Indigo - it's the Developer build. –  lolajl Mar 28 '12 at 16:00

A bit late to respond, but anyway...I needed the same package and you can get it 2 ways:

Directly from here:

org.eclipse.equinox.log version 1.0.100

Or you can check it out from the dev.eclipse.org repos:


Just go to CVS perspective, if you are using Juno you should already have an entry that looks like:


Just look for the project in HEAD, this will also get you the sources, in case you want to debug...

Hope this helps, Alex

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