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I'm exploring the PDT SDK in order to exploit it for an Eclipse plugin I'm writing.

The problem I'm having is this: with a class that extends org.eclipse.php.internal.core.ast.visitor.AbstractVisitor, I can find a function with a given name. This returns me an object of type FunctionDeclaration.

Is there any way from a FunctionDeclaration (or FunctionDeclaration.getAST()) to have back the source code that is behind the AST itself?

Using FunctionDeclaration.toString() I can only obtain an XML-like representation of the tree, that is not what I whish.

Many thanks in advance, this problem is driving me crazy :)

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Here is the solution:

import org.eclipse.php.internal.core.ast.rewrite.ASTRewriteFlattener;
String functionSource = ASTRewriteFlattener.asString(foundAction, new RewriteEventStore());

sorry i didn't find the ASTRewriteFlattener class before adding the above question. I leave the answer here for the record.

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