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I use Sublime Text 2 and want a Ruler to be shown in every file with specific line-height. But I have to show it manually in every file.

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Edit the "rulers" value in the default settings to contain the column number you want the ruler to be displayed on, and it will persist.

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Thanks! I think, I've just missed square brackets. –  Rooooomine Mar 28 '12 at 15:13
Keep scrolling for a more detailed answer by @ssorallen. –  Don Spaulding Mar 25 '13 at 15:56
Actually, you shouldn't edit the Default settings. They're defaults for a reason and need to be overridden by your User settings instead, as explained in @ssorallen's answer. Changing the default settings means your rulers will disappear the next time you update Sublime, and you definitely won't enjoy that. –  Olivier Lacan Feb 17 at 7:54

Go to Sublime Text > Preferences > Settings - User

Add a "rulers" setting with the lines you want for the ruler:

// Adds a single vertical ruler at column 80
"rulers": [80],

If you want multiple rulers, separate the values with a comma:

// Adds two vertical rulers: one at column 80 and one at column 120
"rulers": [80, 120],

* Expanded from Robert Jones's answer to this question.

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s/rules/rulers/ –  Nikola Kotur Aug 10 '12 at 15:22
Fixed. Thanks, Nikola. –  ssorallen Aug 14 '12 at 0:58
This didn't work for me. I even tried restarting it but nothing. Does it depend on the theme you're using? I have a light colored theme with white as the background. –  commadelimited Sep 26 '12 at 14:09
@commadelimited The ruler changes color for me based on the background color of the theme I select. Is your settings file being used? Try changing another setting like "tab_size" or "font_size" to check. –  ssorallen Sep 27 '12 at 16:42
@ssorallen Settings -> User file is def being used. My rulers property: "rulers": [80,120] but no rulers are being shown at those column widths. Randomly I do have a ruler at 160 but I can't find that in default or user settings. –  commadelimited Oct 2 '12 at 15:49

Never edit Settings - Default; edit Settings - User instead. If you upgrade your SublimeText version you will lose all of your settings because Settings - Default will be overwritten.

In the Packages folders the 'User/' folder will be ignored between upgrades of SublimeText, the settings here will be persistent.

To enable the persistent rulers in any document, add the settings in Defaults - User:

  "rulers": [75, 80, 85]

This example will display 3 rulers, at 75, 80 and 85 chars length.

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That's a good point. I updated my answer to suggest editing user settings rather than the defaults. –  ssorallen Aug 6 '12 at 7:39

If you change font, ruler will not be displayed. E.g. I set "font_face": "Lucida Grande", and ruler disappeared.

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