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I have a Customer object which has a collection of ContactNumbers. Is it possible with LINQ to get a list of Customers where one of the contact numbers = '123'?

Public Class Customer
    Public Overridable Property ContactNumbers As List(Of ContactNumber)

End Class

Public Class ContactNumber

    Public Property ID As Integer

    Public Property Number As String

    Public Overridable Property Type As ContactNumberType

    Public Property Primary As Boolean

End Class

Dim findnumber as String = '123'
Dim customers = db.customers.tolist

customers = customers.Where..... ?
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Try the following

customers = customers.Where(Function (x) x.ContactNumbers.Any(Function (y) y.Number = "123"))

The trick here is the Any function. This will return True if any of the items in the collection match the predicate. In this case y.Number = 123

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Damn, I was close! Thanks! –  Tom Mar 28 '12 at 15:31

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