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To create and show a form takes 10 seconds and i want to shorten the process.

On part is the

  Inherited Create(AOwner);

Which takes 2 seconds out of the total run time.

Is there a way to shorten the parent create which is the Delphi TForm? Or Do you know what are the reasons for the increase of time in the call

Inherited Create(AOwner);


update: well I didn't expect for 18 comments and 3 answer :D thank you all for your response.

at the current state i tired a few profiles that around round here, and non lead to a real line of code that was at the code, it was mostly kernel calls or system calls.

so after buying the Delphi XE2 that comes with AQTime , im trying to upgrade the project to Delphi XE2, which now takes a few days.(BIG PROJECT)

ill add information as i get the information from the Profiler.

BTW , being outside of a windows server domain, makes the action twice as much slower. as an inside computer runs under 5 seconds. which is much better, however still slow.

Update2: compiling and running with Delphi XE2 improved almost 20% in time preference over Delphi 2009. AQTime did not yield any useful information.

update3: left xe2 , not stable. went back to delphi 2009 there tried in begining of constructor

  SendMessage(application.Handle, WM_SETREDRAW, 0, 0);

and in the end of constructor

  SendMessage(application.Handle, WM_SETREDRAW, -1, 0);

reduced 0.1 seconds.

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When I do this the form is created instantly. Clearly your code and my code differ. I know what my code does, but I don't know what your code is. – David Heffernan Mar 28 '12 at 15:23
@none if you have many, and I mean many visual components on the form, it could take a significantly longer time for your application to create the form(s) based on the *.dfm resource(s), so in this case creating the components using code could improve the speed, but it would be an overkill. Are you using multiple form inheritance? some code of what exactly happens in your form's OnCreate would help, I assume it's due to some database connection left open? – ComputerSaysNo Mar 28 '12 at 15:27
If it takes some seconds, you could pause the application and have a look at the main thread's call stack. (Use Debug DCUs may help to get a better call stack). – Andreas Hausladen Mar 28 '12 at 16:50
Why does your profiling stop at that call? Dig deeper so you can account for those two seconds with better granularity. – Rob Kennedy Mar 28 '12 at 16:51
As it stands now your question is unanswerable because you don't provide enough information about the problem. Edit your question and add as much detail as possible. With the little information you've given the answer could be anything from a misbehaving thread to a seriously underpowered machine. – Kenneth Cochran Mar 28 '12 at 16:58

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From experience seeing business forms abusively packed with components:

  1. DataBase activity: you have DB components that are active and require DB opening and/or fetching data. The obvious is when your Form contains DBConnections or DataSets left Active at design time, or, sneakier, you have DB aware components (like TDBEdit) linked to some DataSources somewhere else (in a DataModule) and these are left Active.
    Remedy: Put all your DataSets and Connections in Active=False at design time and activate when first needed.

  2. Long OnCreate events (or call chains): you have too much code or too slow in any of your components OnCreate event handlers (or they call/trigger others that are slow/long). Most often seen are file operations like dealing with huge INI Files, heavy XML storage or Excel spreadsheets.
    Remedy: Hunt them and try to postpone until you actually need them.

  3. Unnecessary Event Handler calls: the events are fired multiple times for no useful reason during the Create (and often calling each other). Use a profiler to detect and count.
    Remedy: Deactivate the events until they are useful.

Last resort trick: If you cannot make it faster, change the users' perception.
Put a quick opening splash screen with something to look at or read that can occupy the users' attention for about the same time as your MainForm opening.

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Use a profiler, called AQTime, and find out what is slow. Nobody here can guess what you're doing that's slow for you.

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I'll do that, thanks. – none Apr 2 '12 at 15:35

I read you have many many components on the form. So my guess is that initializing all these components takes up the time not the form creation itself (which usually takes a few ms).

First of all: perhaps you already know this but if not, use a profiler to determine what components on your form give the delay. Are table fillers only called once or multiple times..

If most of those components are controls: you should probably refactor the code and create a some frames for each part. Whenever a part becomes visible for the first can you create the frame needed just in time. This works best when you have tab or something similar when not everything is visible at the same time.

If most components are non visual, you might activate them just in time, create them dynamically if they don't have a property to activate/deactivate them.

If possible, if some queries need to read in data (from database or file or whatever), try to load the data in another thread and blank out some parts of the form until the data is there. Do you need all data right away etc etc.

But still: most important: know what is consuming all that time.

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