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I followed this a link to try to configure Twitter's boostrap.less under Node 0.6.12 and Express 2.5.8:

app configuration:

app.use(express.compiler({src: publicDir, enable: ['less']}));

stylesheet link:

<link rel='stylesheet' href='/stylesheets/bootstrap.css' />

boostrap.less is the vanilla bootstrap.less file from bootstrap 2.02. the code section of it starts with:

// CSS Reset
@import "/public/stylesheets/reset.less";

When node is fired up and the page requested, the less paths get resolved correctly but the less parser throws an error:

        throw new(LessError)(e, env);

The error causes node to crash after returning a 500 error for the contents of the boostrap.css file.

Any ideas how to get bootstrap.less to work in my setup?

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Just a thought, but if you have Twitter's bootstrap.less via a git submodule, do you need to update the submodule? (we made that mistake, and had the same error as you until we realized it and fixed it)

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Thanks, that was the problem. –  rob_hicks Jun 7 '12 at 17:19
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