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Is it possible to create a ZIP archive using IO::Compress::Zip without retaining the full paths of the incoming files?

For example - if I add /tmp/foo/file.pdf to a zip file, I want the /tmp/foo path dropped when it is added to the archive. Is this possible? Is there another module that can do this?

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I've usually done this by assembling the files I need in a single directory before I zip, but I know that's a cheap and space-inefficient short cut. –  brian d foy Mar 28 '12 at 18:45

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See the FilterName option in the documentation for IO::Compress::Zip

Although this option can be used with the OO ointerface, it is of most use with the one-shot interface. For example, the code below shows how FilterName can be used to remove the path component from a series of filenames before they are stored in $zipfile.

sub compressTxtFiles
    my $zipfile = shift ;
    my $dir     = shift ;

    zip [ <$dir/*.txt> ] => $zipfile,
        FilterName => sub { s[^$dir/][] } ;  
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