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Get URL of ASP.Net Page in code-behind

I'm trying to hold current url in string in the code behind.

as example this is the current url address:http:www.stackoverflow.com/questions/ask/submit how I can hold this in string variable?

please help me out.

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This will get you the full URL:

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What if i have '#' in URL..... i.e :http:test.abc.com/sitesposure.aspx#commentfocus......... will it work? –  Pranav Jan 27 at 14:54
@Pranav-BitWiser - No, hash parameters are front end only. If you wish to access this back-end then AJAX is a good option. See my blog post on how to read hash tag values: curtistimson.co.uk/js/reading-url-hashtag-values –  Curt Jan 27 at 15:30

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