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i have a custom template tag that takes some argument and calculates the result. I want to compare that value obtained from that custom tag with another variable.

Custom template tag(having three arguments)

{% price_for_pax service pax '' %}

variable :


What i want is

{% if service.price == price_for_pax service pax '' %}
    do something
{% endif %}

When i look for the result it does not show anything Can i compare like this ? If not what can be the solution ?

Thanks in advance

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There were a couple of questions similar to this before:

Django - use template tag and 'with'?

django templatetags template , combine {{ }} method call with template tag context variable

Making a template filter rather than a template tag could do the trick.

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HI aruseni i am doing this but still facing problem {% with service pax ''|price_for_pax as pp %} service,pax ,'' are the parameters and price_for_pax is a function in template filter. I convert into template filter – the_game Mar 28 '12 at 16:50

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