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I would like to have a hotstring in AutoHotkey such that, when I type the string ltodo the following literal is printed: {\color{red} TO-DO}

I tried to do this in autohotkey:

SendInput, {\color{red} TO-DO}

with no luck, as it prints the string TO-DO only.

How can I make it print the literal: {\color{red} TO-DO}

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:R*?:ltodo::{\color{red} TO-DO}

But if you are genuinely wanting to know how to accomplish this with Sendinput:

Sendinput, {raw}{\color{red} TO-DO}

The functionality of these two examples is basically identical;
because SI is the default mode for hotstrings.

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SendRaw {\color{red} TO-DO}
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Put the brackets between brackets like this.

 *:R*?:ltodo::send, {{}\color{{}red{}} TO-DO{}}*

Sorry, in combining the 3 lines to 1, I left the send command...It had to be:

 :R*?:ltodo::{{}\color{{}red{}} TO-DO{}}

Personally, I would probably use one of the following shortcodes:

  td/  or   td\   or even just a double \\
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