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Hello I have two app and i pass a parameter with the user from the app 1 in the url to the app 2. I create a table with each authentication to can get the user and pass in the next app 2.

My question is how can i create a session variable in my second application? or can i create a session variable in my new app mvc 3?.

Sorry for my english. Thanks

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Your question is not very clear. – Erik Funkenbusch Mar 28 '12 at 17:07

You can create cookies between two web sites...using a 302 redirect just like how google does... So what you need to do is when a user logs into website1 you need to log user in and then make a 302 redirect (with an querystring value hopefully an encrypted one) to Website2 where you will create another cookie to tell website two that an active session exists for the user in website1, then you need to do a 302 redirect to website1. This works the same way for logout as well. now when the user goes to website2 you can log the user in because a cookie for website1 exists...

I have done something similar between two MVC apps...check this out... Unable to read cookies in FireFox/Chrome via 302 redirect, but works in IE

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Look at windows identity foundation, and also the starter sts. Basically you delegate authentication to a third party.

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