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I've got issues connecting my windows mobile 6 emulator to my computer via Window Mobile Developer Center. I can view the files system on the device. I can connect to mobile databases on the device. But I cannot access the web / my local computer from the emulator.

Background: I've been using my emulators for a while now. Maybe every other month or so, something decides it doesn't want to work any more and I have to twiddle all of the settings I can find until it starts working again. Today, this has happened to me twice. I fixed the issues earlier today after lots of hair-pulling, but this time, I don't know what to do any more.

Things I've tried so far:

No matter what I do, Pocket IE always tells me that it cannot find the website (e.g. yahoo), and my app is unable to connect to my local web site. Any thing else I should be doing? Thanks.

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I've got the connection working now, and I wish I knew what got it working again. Just prior to the emulator's return to functionality, I was firing-up some of the other emulators to see if they were having issues as well (they weren't). After trying some other emulators, I went back to the one I want to use, and when I cradled the emulator, it worked. So, maybe running and cradling some of the other emulators un-clogged something in the bowels of WMDC...

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