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I made a mistake and replaced all .com with '' (nothing) in my database, later I added .com to every string without a dot in it.

But sadly this ended up in having urls with subdomains like going to be wayne.wanyesword/something/ now

I'd like to find all these domains in phpmyadmin. What do I have to type into REGEX or NOT REGEX search to find all entries where this went wrong?

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I think this could be done much easier if you were using a scripting language such as PHP, where u can select all, apply a regex pattern to check if anything before the first / has .com or .net or .org, and replace it and update your db with the results. – Churk Mar 28 '12 at 17:22

Obviously, the answer is to pull the original data from the most recent backup of your database from before the date when you made the mistake.

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