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I have docbook generated HTML that contains small, fixed size images. All these images have the CSS property float: right These usually work as expected, but if two appear close together, they may not have enough room and will push against each other and alter the page layout, like this:

Float right divs pushing against each other

What I want to happen is for the div to be pushed down. If it's vertical position changes, that's ok, so long as the horizontal position is always right aligned, like this:

Float right divs correctly lined up

I want to be able to do this with CSS, but a Javascript solution would work too.

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Should just be able to add clear: both; to the CSS for the images - this will cause them to move down to avoid hitting another floated element.

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Try adding a margin to the image. Also make sure there is a break <br /> between lines.

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I can't manually add line breaks to the HTML since it's automatically generated from xml and used for both PDF and HTML. Increasing the top/bottom margins would actually make the problem worse. –  Scribblemacher Mar 28 '12 at 17:30

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