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I have a couple Hadoop map and reduce classes that override protected methods. Sonar flags these with:

Unused protected method
Plugin: squid    Key: UnusedProtectedMethod

I know there's a fix in Sonar that addresses this and that at some point my organization will use a version with that fix. In the meantime, I'd like to disable the warning. I've tried:




to no avail.

@SuppressWarnings works for PMD issues, @edu.umd.cs.findbugs.annotations.SuppressWarnings(value = "blah") works for findbugs issues. Is there another variant for squid issues, or is it just not supported yet?

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See also SonarQube FAQ - SuprressWarnings

This has been implemented in the SonarQube Java plugin version 2.8.

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So, it's just an issue of case? –  Don Branson May 16 at 18:56
Yes, the syntax is a bit different than the examples you tried. Also I think this wasn't implemented when you asked the question in 2012. –  Arend v. Reinersdorff May 17 at 9:18

I found that Squid supports only "all." From the squid plugin source, in SuppressWarningsAnnotationUtils.java:

private static final String VALUE = "\"all\"";

  public static boolean isSuppressAllWarnings(DetailAST ast) {
    DetailAST suppressWarningsAnnotation = getSuppressWarningsAnnotation(ast);
    if (suppressWarningsAnnotation != null) {
      DetailAST warningHolder = findWarningsHolder(suppressWarningsAnnotation);
      for (DetailAST warning = warningHolder.findFirstToken(TokenTypes.EXPR); warning != null; warning = warning.getNextSibling()) {
        if (warning.getType() == TokenTypes.EXPR) {
          DetailAST fChild = warning.getFirstChild();
          if (fChild.getType() == TokenTypes.STRING_LITERAL) {
            String text = warning.getFirstChild().getText();
            if (VALUE.equals(text)) {
              return true;
    return false;

There's discussion here: Support the annotation "@SuppressWarnings" at class and method level

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And this doesn't even work reliably on Sonar 3.4.1. This issue of not being able to suppress false positives in the code (instead of via the Sonar web GUI), prevents us from using squid in an enterprise environment. –  Thomas Mar 22 '13 at 18:32

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