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Given: I have a custom server control in the markup of an aspx page. This control creates child controls in its CreateChildControls() method (e.g. it retrieves content from a database and based on that content dynamically creates either a CheckBoxList or a RadioButtonList)

Now I understand that I cannot access the dynamically created controls on postback unless I add them again on Page_Init or Page_PreInit (as per here).

My question is, how do I add them again explicitly in Page_Init or Page_PreInit if they are just going to be added yet again when we get around to calling Render() on each of the custom server controls?

I'm very certain this is not a unique problem, so there must be a best practice way of doing it...I just don't know what it is :/

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All you need to do is create you Custom server control in the Pre_Init. Everything else is handled for you. I think you're thinking too hard about what is going on and it's confusing :)

The custom control will render the child controls while in the Pre_Init event. They won't get rendered twice.

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Unfortunately I need custom server controls to be in the markup in this case :( - would that be solved by a level of indirection, e.g. I have a FigureHeadCustomControl with DBID="123" in the markup, then in Pre_Init I dynamically create an instance of TheRealCustomControl (passing the DBID through), with TheRealCustomControl rendering the child controls? –  Whisker Mar 28 '12 at 17:34
Can you post your code for the Custom server control? –  TheGeekYouNeed Mar 28 '12 at 21:28

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