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I have a report to build that has many different fields showing various results. As these numbers are not intuitive, I need some sort of mechanism to display a balloon tooltip when the user hovers over or clicks on a number.

I am open to either Crystal reports or SSRS. I will just be limited to the free editions that come with visual studio 2008.

Any help or advice is appreciated

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In SSRS, most controls have ToolTips

For example, the textbox properties tab

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Is there a way to "Format" these tool tips.Rather than just passing a string can I format it as HTML for example to highlight a title and then underline a couple of words? –  Emad Jun 22 '09 at 5:23
Sorry, I don't know. –  gbn Jun 22 '09 at 6:56

Crystal Reports also supports tool-tip text. Right click the field, select Format Field..., then the Common tab. Enter a static value in the 'tool tip text' field or click the button to the right of the field and enter a conditional formula that will calculate the value.

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