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I'm creating a Perl script to send commands to a system using SSH2. It's not a standard Linux shell, but instead it's a proprietary shell. It does not accept commands through the SSH command (user@ command) but it needs to connect first and then give commands to it like a shell.

I've came up with the following script:


use Net::SSH2;

my $host = "";
my $user = "admin";
my $password = "";

#-- set up a new connection
my $ssh = Net::SSH2->new();

#-- authenticate
$ssh->auth_password($user, $password);

#-- creating a channel
my $channel = $ssh->channel();

#-- running a command

#-- Closing the connection

The problem however is that it hangs at the '$ssh->channel()' line. There's a waiting prompt that doesn't go away. I've tried to remove all lines below it, but the issue remains. When I remove the 'channel()' line, it launches instantly. Is this a bug in the Net::SSH2 module, or am I doing something terribly wrong?

Edit: I figured it out. Had to replace 'auth_password' with 'auth_keyboard' for keyboard-interactive logon.

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Well, you could try checking the return value of auth_password to see if it actually authenticated... –  Brian Roach Mar 28 '12 at 18:16
also try $ssh->auth_keyboard($user, $password) or die "can't connect $@"; –  Lukas Eklund Mar 28 '12 at 18:43
it may be a bug on Net::SSH2. Even if connect or auth_password had failed it shouldn't block forever at channel. –  salva Mar 29 '12 at 10:59

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