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I need to develop a page that is being used by multiple user groups. The requirement is that each User group wants a customized look and feel when they access the page (with a distinguishing parameter). The Users want to dump the html that they need in a database table and the page (facelet or jsp) will determine the User group and they display the corresponding html. Any pointers on how this can be done?

Example: if User group 1 access the url abc.com/xyz?param=aaa, then the page should display the html that is stored in the database corresponding to UserGroup1. similarly, abc.com/xyz?param=bbb should render the html stored for UserGroup2.

html for Group 1:

hello, user 1 html for Group 2:

hello, user 2 How does my JSP get this html code from Servlets or any other classes?

Any JSF 2.0 suggestions ? How can I write a backing bean that spits (or binds or creates) the html that is with me in the method to the facelet page?

The above example code might sound simple, but in reality the entire layout, images, borders, tables, content will be different completely.

I have asked a similar question for jsp alternative as well at JSP - how to render html(or jsp) code from database

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Storing HTML in DB is bad design, regardless of the view technology used. Facelets however allows you to easily switch the template and theme (based on files in webcontent, not in DB). –  BalusC Mar 28 '12 at 18:25
I know it is a bad design, but the design was already made by somebody else ! Can you provide me an example on how to render html that I have with me in the backing bean's methods? –  user972391 Mar 29 '12 at 13:34

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