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I set up a site with a template and the title was something they supplied as a default. When I searched for my site's title, it showed up in results, but it was with their default title. After changing it a couple days ago, my site still shows up with the default title instead of what I changed it to.

Is there any way I can force Google to update their information so the title I have now shows up in results instead of the default title?

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This will refresh your website immediately :

  • From Web Master tools Menu -> Crawl -> Fetch as Google

  • Leave URL blank to fetch the homepage then click Fetch

  • Submit to Index button will appear beside the fetched result, Click it the choose > URL and all linked pages > OK

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Just wait, Google should normally revisit your site and update its informations. But if you are hurried, you can try the following steps :

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Submit if you have not yet or resubmit an updated sitemap of your website.

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Fetching as Google works, as already suggested. However stage 2 should be - submit your sites to several large social bookmarking sites like digg, reddit, stumbleupon, etc etc. There are huge lists of these sites out there.

Google notices everything on these sites and it will speed up the re crawling process. You can keep track of when Google last cached your site (There is a big difference between crawling and caching) by going to.. cache:sitename.com

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