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I tried this another way a while ago to no avail. I'm trying to change the img of thumbnail when clicked. right now I have a hover code that fades one div over another when moused over. I tried adding .click function to that code, but it made the whole thing whacky. Sooo, I'm getting somewhere with this

$(document).ready(function () {
    $("#Thumb1").click(function () {
        $("#hidden").hide().html('<iframe src=";portrait=0&amp;autoplay=1" width="508" height="286" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>').fadeIn(4e3);
        $("#leftsidePlayer").text("This is some text on the consulting video!")
        $("img.b").css({zIndex: 11});

that is the code for one thumbnail. There are 4. It works but its controlling all the thumbnail in the the wrapping div. How can I make it so it jut works for the one I'm clicking on?

this is the css I have

div.fadehover {

img.a {

img.b {

I know it most likely has something to do with using (this) but I am still learning.

any help greatly appreciated Thanks

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Can we see your markup? I wouldn't do z-index for this. May as well just fadeIn() and hide():

Markup -

<div class='thumb'>
  <img src=''/>
  <img src='' style='display:none;'/>

jQuery -

$(".thumb").click(function ( e ) {
  var children = $( this ).children();
  var first-thumb = th.slice(0,1);
  var second-thumb = th.slice(1,2);

  if( ':visible' ) )
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Replace the line $("img.b").css({zIndex: 11}); with what follows.

$(this).css({zIndex: 11});

That way you'll change the z-index only for the element you clicked on.

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Well, you didn't provide your full code, did you? I meant to replace the line $("img.b").css({zIndex: 11}); with what I wrote. That way you'll change the z-index only for the element you clicked on. – Shomz Mar 29 '12 at 2:23

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