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I am looking for a proxy server that can do this.

If I set my firefox settings to that proxy, and go to google, then it should "proxy" to google normally. Just a normal proxy.

But I want there to be rules. I want to redirect anything that matches to

I was thinking about writing one but to be honest there has to be something to do this already built.

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Fiddler should do what you want. If you type into the black box at the bottom "overridehost" it should redirect any Google requests to the specified IP.

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Not a proxy per se, but what about editing your local host file? If you are a Windows user just go to "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc" and edit the "hosts" file accordingly. Eg. add a new line:

I know the use is limited, because you cannot make more complex redirects. However it might be sufficient for your problem. Good luck! (on linux/unix the file is often located in /etc/hosts).

If you want a better solution, it would be helpful to give us your OS.

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