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I'm new to JMS programming and am running into NameNotFoundException, even though, in looking at the Admin Console, it shows the JNDI name that is failing.

The exception produced is:

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Unable to resolve 'tutorialqueue'. Resolved ''; remaining name 'tutorialqueue' at weblogic.jndi.internal.BasicNamingNode.newNameNotFoundException(BasicNamingNode.java:1139) at weblogic.jndi.internal.BasicNamingNode.lookupHere(BasicNamingNode.java:252) at weblogic.jndi.internal.ServerNamingNode.lookupHere(ServerNamingNode.java:182) at weblogic.jndi.internal.BasicNamingNode.lookup(BasicNamingNode.java:206) at weblogic.jndi.internal.WLEventContextImpl.lookup(WLEventContextImpl.java:254) at weblogic.jndi.internal.WLContextImpl.lookup(WLContextImpl.java:411)

In the Admin Console, I see:

Name - TutorialJmsConnectionFactory
Type - Connection Factory
JNDI Name - tutorialconnectionfactory
Subdeployment - Default Targetting
Targets - AdminServer

Name - TutorialJmsQueue
Type - Queue
JNDI Name - tutorialqueue
Subdeployment -
Targets -

The console shows the tutorialqueue JNDI name that the exception says it can't find. Also, the tutorialconnectionfactory name WAS successfully found. Might it have to do with the Subdeployment and/or Targets being blank?

Here is the code where the lookup occurs/fails:

QueueConnectionFactory queueFactory = ( QueueConnectionFactory ) ic.lookup( "tutorialconnectionfactory" );
QueueConnection queueConnection = queueFactory.createQueueConnection();
QueueSession queueSession = queueConnection.createQueueSession( false , Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE );
Queue queue = ( Queue ) ic.lookup( "tutorialqueue" );
QueueSender sender = queueSession.createSender( queue );

Can anyone point me in the right direction? TIA

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In weblogic, you should setup your queue to use the same subdeployment and target(s) as the connection factory, both need to be found in a JVM. Update your queue's target and subdeployment to match the connection factory and it should start working.

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Thanks John. That indeed was my problem! –  Todd Mar 29 '12 at 14:23
@Todd Iam facing a similar problem.What are the changes that u made, in order to overcome the problem in the above code or in other settings(like classpath,adding more jars)? –  Galaxin Apr 1 '12 at 17:13
@Galaxin, the change I made was in WebLogic's admin console when setting up the queue itself. The settings: Name - TutorialJmsQueue Type - Queue JNDI Name - tutorialqueue Subdeployment - <blank> Targets - <blank> Required that I set the subdeployment and targets fields –  Todd Apr 2 '12 at 13:38
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Hi Todd Everything is ok... But you need replace

tutorialconnectionfactory and tutorialqueue


jms/tutorialconnectionfactory and jms/tutorialqueue

then I think it will work fine.

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