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.NET/Visual Studio uses an object's ToString() method to display the value of an object when viewing it in the debugger. I would like to display specific information, but since .ToString() is often used by the framework when converting an object to a string, I cannot do it by overriding ToString(). Is there an attribute I can use to tell the debugger to use a different method or property?

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Use the DebuggerDisplayAttribute[MSDN]. You supply it with a format string that references fields/properties within the class to display while debugging without having to mess with ToString().

[DebuggerDisplay("Count = {count}")]
class MyHashtable
    public int count = 4;

It also works with methods:

public class SomeClass
    public override String ToString()
        return "Normal ToString()";

    public String ToDebugString()
        return "ToDebugString()";
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Awesome, I saw that attribute in Intellisense but I didn't realize the value could be tokenized. This makes much more sense. Thanks! –  Daniel Schaffer Mar 28 '12 at 19:39

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