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I want to be able to select any of the four individual spans below by their id and class (and nothing else) but I can't seem to find the right syntax... #id1 .class2 and #id2 .class2 select the two right hand elements OK but #id1 .class1 and #id2 .class1 seem to select both elements where I'd expect them to select only the first span in the p.

            #id1 .class1{ background: red; }
        <p id="id1">
            <span class="class1">one<span> 
            <span class="class2">two<span> 
        <p id="id2">
            <span class="class1">three<span> 
            <span class="class2">four<span> 
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Your CSS is fine. You didn't close your spans:


should be


because of this, class2 is really a child of class1.

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Doh! Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees! Thanks. –  technicalbloke Apr 2 '12 at 1:44
#id1 .class1 {}
#id1 .class2 {}
#id2 .class1 {}
#id2 .class2 {}
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