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I'm writing an app which deals with measure units and I have to ask the user to choose between English and metric systems. Would it fit better to use 2 checkboxes or radio buttons? Also, if (for example) radio1 was checked, radio2 cannot be checked so the user can only choose 1 option. How do I set it in my java code? Sorry for asking noob questions, I'm new to Android programming ;) Thanks

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Checkboxes are usefull if you want the user to select multiple options.

Radio buttons are usefull to garantee a single option among multiple options. However, if you have a fair amount of radio buttons the user interface becomes a mess. Therefore, for those cases, Spinners are the best answer for your problem.

If you use Radio Buttons you can garantee they only use one radio button using RadioGroups.

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I would use a Spinner if I were you. It'll allow you to add other unit systems in the future.

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well that's a nice thought, I will have it in mind for the future. But now I only need these 2 mentioned systems 'cause user's input will be processed according to the user's choice –  Droidman Mar 28 '12 at 19:51

Through radio button group you can do it. Just use a RadiobuttonGroup widget mention your radiobutton properties.

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Simple. If you can't follow some of procedures I suggest going and look for tuts on them First: Go to your xml file Second: Create Radio group Third: Create Radio button in between Forth: make sure you have the id of the radio button. fifth: call the item on your main class. RadioButton name = (RadioButton)findViewById(R.id.radioButton Name);

Now you can program the rest everything really just follows this order for anything in .xml. You need it call it and create and ID simple. Next time just look at youtube vids. I recommend the website TheNewBoston.org best tuts you'll ever encounter in a life time for almost all programming languages.

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thanks for the link, I will check it out –  Droidman Mar 28 '12 at 20:47

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