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In F# i have the function:

module ModuleName
let X (y: int -> unit) = ()

How can i call this in C#? Ideally it would look like

ModuleName.X(x => x*x);

But this lamda syntax does not convert implicitly to a FSharpFunc.

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Does this help:… – mellamokb Mar 28 '12 at 19:43
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The easiest approach would be to expose your API using standard .NET delegate types. In this case, that means that your F# definition should look more like:

let X (y:Action<int>) = ()

However, if you want to keep your F# API the same as it currently is, then you could use FuncConvert.ToFSharpFunc from the C# side:

ModuleName.X(FuncConvert.ToFSharpFunc(x => x*x));
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You should be able to do this using the static FSharpFunc.FromConverter method:

ModuleName.X(FSharpFunc.FromConverter(x => x*x));

EDIT: I just noticed that your function calls for an int -> unit but your call specifies an int -> int. To create an FSharpFunc that returns unit, you can use one of the static methods of the FuncConvert static class.

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