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When jscrollpane initialise() is adding it's wrapping divs, I can see from firebug stepping that my contents are not laying out the same as they do before the wrapping-div's are added.

In particular, my content is two float left divs that fit side by side before the wrapping-divs but one below the other afterword, thus a vertical scroll is added even though none is needed.

And after the vertical scroll is in there, my two divs return to their side by side positions.

When the code:

// Make the pane thinner to allow for the vertical scrollbar
pane.width(paneWidth - scrollbarWidth - originalPaddingTotalWidth); 

finally executes, the divs jump back to where they should have been.

Any suggestions? or more info needed?

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Use display:inline-block instead of float:left to avoid the inadvertent float/drop. Look out for reflow issues when encountering this type of behaviour for future reference.

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