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I am trying to open a text file in python. In the following code:

import datime
from datetime import datetime

today =
sitename = "Soil Report"
rptFolder = r"C:\Template_Outputs\Production Reports"

file = open(rptFolder + "\\" + sitename + "_" + today.strftime("%y%b%d_%H:%M:%S") + ".txt", "w")

I keep getting the following error:

[Errno 22] invalid mode ('w') or filename:

I've narrowed it down the setting the date in the file name. It doesn't seem to like that (i.e. I just replaced the today.strftime("%y%b%d_%H:%M:%S") with "test" and it worked)

I've also tried to set the date as string to get it into the file name like:


No luck there either.

I need the time stamp in the file name because it the bigger script may be fun a few times in a short period.

is there something I'm missing here?

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If you're doing Windows, Windows doesn't allow files with colons (:). Try removing your colon from here:


and see what happens

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Microsoft provides this reference regarding file names and permitted characters. – larsks Mar 28 '12 at 20:09
Thanks a lot. That did it! – Mike Mar 28 '12 at 20:09

the colons are generally not allowed in file names. replace with underscores. Also, you might want to include either milliseconds, nanoseconds, or a random number at the end in the event you run more than one file per second.

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Thanks a lot and the added suggestion. Great idea! – Mike Mar 28 '12 at 20:09

Filenames on Windows can't contain a colon (:).

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