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I'm trying to pick out the word/phrase (wrapped in hashtags) after a certain string. For instance:

This is an example paragraph and I am trying to get the word/phrase after the artist name which is in hash tags, such as @calvinharris #feel so close#.

Now, I have been able to successfully grab all @words from the string using:

preg_match_all('!@(.+)(?:\s|$)!U', $string, $matches)

But is there a way I can easily grab the hashtag enclosed phrases (if they're there) after an @name?

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Try the following regexp:


And if you want to remove spaces


And if you want to trim a lot


And you are not sure there is hashtag (or wathever it is called)

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Why use anchors? The '@' is not at the beginning of the string. –  erm410 Mar 28 '12 at 20:34
In his case @calvinharris #feel so close# the '@' is at the beginning –  grifos Mar 28 '12 at 20:35
This won't match of there are no hashes in the string. –  Chris Wesseling Mar 28 '12 at 20:38
I'm not familiar with tweeter hashtag syntax (it's for tweeter right?) So i only took care of the expression Mike gave –  grifos Mar 28 '12 at 20:40

Remember to make your character sets as specific as possible:

preg_match_all('!@([^\s]+) #([^#]+)#!U', $string, $matches)

[^\s]+ will match up to the first white space, [^#]+ will match up to the closing hash tag.

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This seems to do the trick (no / / delimiters included):


"1 or more non-whitespace, followed by 1 or more whitespace, followed by some characters enclosed by #"

Note the use of the non-greedy operator (?) for the text inside the hash.


after preg_match_all, $match[1] will correspond to the artist name, $match[2] to the text in hash tags

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This will only match iff the string contains #. They are optional in the question. –  Chris Wesseling Mar 28 '12 at 20:46

You can easily make this by using groups and preg_match.

$name = "calvinharris";
preg_match('/@'.$name.' #([\w\s]+)#/', "This is an example paragraph and I am trying to get the word/phrase after the artist name which is in hash tags, such as @calvinharris #feel so close#. ", $match);
echo '$match = ' . $match[1]; //feel so close

The idea is to use grouping (the things between brackets) and get this group.

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This should do the trick.

preg_match_all('/@(\w+)\s?(?:#([^#]+)#)?/', $string, $matches);

$matches[1] will contain the "artist name" $matches[2] will contain the optional phrase

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