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I want to assign the array item into variable directly using groovy like this:

def str = "xyz=abc"
def [name, value] = str.split("=")

but groovy doesn't like it. Is there a way to do that (not storing the array result and get the index[0], index[1] from it?).


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You just need parenthesis instead of brackets:

def str = "xyz=abc"
def (name, value) = str.split("=")

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Note that you'll need to know how many elements you're expecting or you'll have unexpected results.

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what is the different between [] and ()? Sorry for newbie question. –  Sean Nguyen Mar 28 '12 at 20:43
while brackets are appropriate for arrays, the parenthesis are how Groovy does multiple assignment. See groovy.codehaus.org/Multiple+Assignment –  Eric Wendelin Mar 28 '12 at 20:48
def name, value
(name,value) = str.split("=")

You just need to do your definition before your multiple assignment.

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