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I wonder, what library you would choose for the following: I need to be able to combine a bunch of files and folders (a tree of filesystem structure) into one file - archive, thus having one composite file.

  • the library must be cross-platform: Windows 7 and Linux
  • it must provide access to the content and ability to extract only one file (e.g. if I have an archive of data folder and if I need only data/subdata/file, only it should be extracted)
  • it must have C++ (preferably) or C API
  • I am not particularly keen on archiving, but it would be desirable, since I will be storing mostly text files and they compress well...

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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zlib in combination with Boost Iostreams is a great combination. This does not do file level extraction though.

EDIT: Some other options I found via another SO question include:


  • Minizip (usually included with zlib) will do the trick too - probably the most lightweight and commonly used solution.
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Doesn't provide the composite part OP asks for. – tibur Mar 28 '12 at 21:02

Consider libarchive.

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zlib is probably the safe answer.

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