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I have written a Brainfuck interpreter in Haskell, but it only operates on the input once I hit Ctrl-D to signal EOF. How can I make the program act on each character when it is typed?

Here is the source. To use the program, give a file to interpret as an argument or type your program in the first line of stdin.

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It sounds like your input is being buffered. You can modify the buffering mode of a file handle with System.IO.hSetBuffering. If you are reading from standard input, for instance, then you could disable buffering with:

import System.IO

hSetBuffering stdin NoBuffering
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I tried that, but it still waited until I hit Ctrl-D before giving a response to my input. –  dlahoti Mar 28 '12 at 21:55
I changed stdout's buffering mode to NoBuffering, and that solved the problem. –  dlahoti Mar 28 '12 at 22:01

getLine waits for a newline character to be typed (\n), because what if the user typed a bunch of characters, but never pressed enter? Then it would be an error if some of the "line" had already be processed, if that "line" wasn't a line after all.

You should use getContents instead which will return everything that is typed at the terminal.

Also, you are using the following line:

then hGetContents =<< openFile (head args) ReadMode

This will open a file and never close it. This is fine for your short program, but it might be a better idea for the future to get used to doing this:

then readFile $ head args
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The problem doesn't lie with the getLine at the beginning, but rather with the getChar near the end (in the exec function). –  dlahoti Mar 28 '12 at 21:56

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