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I am creating a SQLite database with NHibernate SchemaExport. I have to add update, delete and insert triggers to the database. Is this possible with NHibernate or do I have to run SQL scripts for trigger creation manually?

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You need to use Auxiliary Database Objects

For mapping by code, you need to add them directly to the HbmMapping that you compile from the mapper:

mappingDocument.databaseobject =
        new HbmDatabaseObject
            Items = new object[]
                new HbmCreate { Text = new[] { "CREATE TRIGGER ..." } }, 
                new HbmDrop { Text = new[] { "DROP TRIGGER ..." } } } 
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Yes, that seems to be the better solution, to put the trigger creation together with the mappings. I have a problem, though. I am using NHibernate 3.2 with mapping by code (not fluent NHibernate) and I am not able to figure out how to do it this way. Have you by any chance some sample code how to this without xml mappings? –  zszep Mar 31 '12 at 5:46
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After some research, I realized it is possible to get the Session connection and from there you can run any DDL command you want. In my case it would be:

       var commandText = new StringBuilder();
        var command = session.Connection.CreateCommand();
        commandText.AppendLine("CREATE TRIGGER books_insert_trg AFTER INSERT ON books ");
        commandText.AppendLine("UPDATE books SET sort=title_sort(NEW.title),uuid=uuid4() WHERE id=NEW.id;");
        command.CommandText = commandText.ToString();
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