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I'm having trouble importing numpy into my script because of some path-name issues.

I'm running my script with python 2.7, rather than the default 2.6 on my server because I need some of the updates in the Collections module. I cant seem to import numpy like:

from numpy.random import poisson

So I am trying to use the python2.7 specific links to numpy on my server, which are installed in: /opt/lib/python2.7/numpy

But this period in the path is really making this difficult. I cannot change the path in anyway.

I've found a similar problem here, but frankly the code just doesn't make enough sense to me for me to feel safe using it (plus several commenters seemed to suggest it was a bad idea.). If someone has another suggestion, or if you can give me a good explanation of the code there I would appreciate it.

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Try setting PYTHONPATH to point to /opt/lib/python2.7, after which import numpy et cetera should pull libraries from there.

$ PYTHONPATH=/opt/lib/python2.7 python27
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No luck, still getting a "no module found" error – FabbyRob Mar 29 '12 at 17:38

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